Thursday, March 16, 2017

Mas Sajady Program Reviews Podcast Why Mas Sajady Exponential Intelligence is the New Goal Setting System

It would be hard to believe that over 90% - 95% individuals who set new year’s goals fail miserably within early months of the year.

Wondering, why?

According to Mas Sajady in his program reviews, it is because conscious goal setting doesn’t work at all.

Mas Sajady, founder of 21 Day Medihealing and Mas Sajady Programs, emphasized the importance of Exponential Intelligence which helps you gain conscious knowledge to start living life from a new paradigm.

In Mas Sajady Podcast, he unfolds one secret about pure intention which is the key to materializing what we dream in our life.

The Mas Sajady Exponential Intelligence reviews harmful aspects of goal setting, the influence of mastermind groups, and the critical need for purity of intention to achieve objectives in our lives.

The Mas Sajady Program is designed for awakening the spirits and revealing the true meaning of spiritual goal setting. Once the truth gets exposed, you’ll identify the powerful pure source which brings to you everything naturally that you’ve ever imagined.

Let’s quickly review the multiple aspects of the anti-goal setting and the secret of Mas Sajady EI programs and process. 

Mas Sajady Reviews Nature Of Goals

To give a clear picture of the anti-goal setting, Mas Sajady has divided goals into two types; unconscious and conscious goals. Impure or unconscious goals aim to destroy, separate, diminished things or people — even if they sound righteous.

Mas Sajady also gives an example to be a Mas Sajady warning of how people can hurt others through the goal:“ my goal is to take revenge and destroy the people who have been hurtful to me and others.”

Whereas pure or conscious goals go to unite, love, care, build things or people. The example Mas Sajady reviews of pure goal is: “my goal is to empower and strengthen myself and others from the inside out to face hurtful people and events.”

By giving thoughtful examples Mas Sajady reviews the intention behind these goals and how it can be either painful or productive.

Mas Sajady reviews that it’s not about goals but it’s really the intent behind the goals. He further explained that unconscious, impure thoughts start controlling us — even causing people to believe in hoax, fake or false prophets.

To overcome those negative thoughts, anti-goal setting emerges. Mas Sajady Exponential Intelligence actually nourishes us at a much deeper level and then nourishment blossoms us at a physical level.

Since Mas Sajady Medihealings studies are created to trigger spiritual development in the efficient ways. In this particular Mas Sajady program related to Exponential Intelligence, he also awakens individuals to ascend higher into the spiritual realms. 

Mas Sajady Warnings About The Influence Of Mastermind Groups

Mas Sajady truth defines, “Mastermind group is basically whenever any two individuals get together, come together; it’ll create another presence.”

On asking how masterminds can control an individual, Mas Sajady reviews, “The two individuals are controlled by this third person that gets created. That created individual controls the whole, all the thousands of people. Very dangerous and this is where I say crowd running the soccer field happens. All those brains in one conscious network are connected, and somebody overrides all those brains. Nobody has control over them.”

Another one of several intelligent Mas Sajady warnings is to individuals who are still stuck with mastermind groups by sharing the examples of religious organizations and multiple companies.

Mas Sajady reviews the importance of pure groups. He shared, “It is the purest essence that comes together for pure knowledge and guides you. It pulls you out of those ruts that we face, those repeating patterns. It blows through blocks that you have issues with. That’s why the industrial group healings are so powerful, the oracle circles that we do, the events that we do, because it creates that purity, the momentum.” 

Mas Sajady Exposes Why Traditional Goal Setting is a Hoax that Fails 

Many individuals are curious to find out why traditional goal setting doesn’t work. 
From Mas Sajady Strategic Business Coaching to Mas Sajady Meditation Mastery, the expert gave multiple examples in his anti-goal setting Exponential Intelligence podcast that gives a clear answer why traditional goals always fail and there is a dire need of exponential intelligence for awakening the spirits.

The reason explained in Mas Sajady Podcasts defines, “A lot of people who set goals don’t know what to do afterward. In traditional goal setting, wanting starts to get so embedded in you, you reach your goal and there’s no satisfaction in the goal that you’ve just reached.” 

The Secret About Mas Sajady Exponential Intelligence 

You might be wondering about the secret of Mas Sajady Programs that draws the interest of several individuals.

The secret is,

"Exponential Intelligence is about materialization, not setting goals."

Mas Sajady reviews exponential intelligence form of goal setting and said, “It’s like a deeper drive that keeps you going no matter what happens, no matter what comes through, hell or high water. You’ll achieve it.”

He further added, “If you notice the goals that do complete you, it comes from a deeper resource. That’s exponential intelligence goal setting.” 

Stages Of Mas Sajady EI Process and Mas Sajady Programs

Before you go through the four stages of conscious knowledge about Mas Sajady Programs, you need to understand the mechanics of Exponential Intelligence goal setting.

The first step in Mas Sajady EI goal setting process is to let go of all. At the initial stage, you have to become aware of yourself.

‘Don’t just be - be aware’

The second step takes you propel forward when your spirit is awakened and you are excited to ask a number of questions to Mas Sajady about business, life, money etc.

He makes this clear, “The middle stage for individuals in the Mas Sajady program is when they start to say, start to see the mechanics of what happens. Things start to materialize without their knowledge, without their intention, without their goal setting.”

When you’ll come to the third stage, you’ll have a session with Mas Sajady by scheduling a Mas Sajady Appointment.

Mas Sajady explained that in third stage you have a session with him, and it would more likely fall in the Mas Sajady download realm where you just want him to work on you.

Coming to the fourth stage of Mas Sajady Program Reviews where you don’t even care about the physical things anymore, because they just produce themselves without working, without having that mental work to go. The magic starts.

Explaining the ability of fourth stage Mas Sajady reviews, “This is where materialization comes in, and this is where you connect, and this is where the bigger picture opens up. And this is where you go beyond the physicalness of this world. This is where real ingenuity comes in, that deep drive to succeed comes in, that deep drive to define yourself comes in, creativity comes in, ingenious comes in.”

Mas Sajady Podcasts will give you the complete know-how of the Exponential Intelligence process and how it can help you achieve in life what you’ve imagined.

According to Mas Sajady Exponential Intelligence Process, “Purity actually plays a part in reaching your goals if you have a clear intent, the pureness of your heart, no oppression for others and yourself, especially including yourself.”

Most importantly, as he leads you through Exponential Intelligence program, Mas Sajady 21 Day Medihealing or Mas Sajady Healing Mastery you will start to notice, you start to awaken and then automatically you start to rise at a higher level.

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